Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Fabric Markets

Instead of sewing, I went to the market today. My mojo has taken a beating because I had to alter the boy's pants; DS was positively swimming in them. My mojo doesn't take well to altering/repairs, whether in RTW or homesewn garments!
So, instead of starting on my blue SWALP, I've been buying more blue fabrics to add to my SWALP fabric pile. They won't all get sewn up this spring, but it sure is fun looking at them!
Top to bottom:
A silk twill (the first I've come across that isn't a tie print); two dotted poplins (that might become part of the lining of a trenchcoat I'd like to make but realistically won't until fall); a smooth firm cotton (that might become the trenchcoat shell); and some soft denim (for more last-minute kiddie pants)!
Some cute cotton prints (can't completely resist although the fabric cupboard is stuffed with cotton prints):

Buttons (from top left) for the planned SWALP jacket, the trenchcoat and the SWALP blouses:

I'd like to start on a blouse next. Trena remarked it would be a nice change from coats and jackets, and I think she is right. (Besides, who wants to contradict the Queen of Cute Blouses, aka The Slapdash Sewist?)

Hopefully my SWALP won't fall victim to overplanning, since I've been thinking about it for a while!


  1. That matryoshka print is too adorable! I can see why you couldn't leave it behind.

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