Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Zoom" Pirate Jeans Ottobre 3/2009/26

The kiddos are in desperate need of pants (aren't they always?). Since I'm getting more and more stubborn about buying RTW when I can just as well make that, and from the stash (never mind the hours it takes!), I decided to sew up a pair for DS.


I took this cute ribbon/border by Farbenmix,

a self-made patch created with the border in mind, and the "Zoom" pirate jeans pattern by Ottobre that I already made these pants from.


I lengthened the legs, added a bit of width, left off the darts and tabs on the pant legs, and abandoned the instructions. Oh, and I added a carabiner hook (?) for attaching odds, ends and bike keys that can be left hanging outside or put in the pocket.

Yes, the topstitching/seam matching is a bit wonky here and there, but I really can't be bothered ripping apart perfectly functional seams on a pair of kids' pants that will be worn one year, max! One more thing on topstitching: I'm a bit cheap when it comes to buying notions - really, the thread, interfacing and fastenings can ruin the best fabric deal! So instead of buying the fantastically expensive topstitching thread I've switched to using two strands of regular thread (and one strand in the bobbin). It works just fine and looks good, I think!

The pants might be a bit wide-legged I'm afraid. DS will return from a sleepover soon to try them on, and I hope the legs won't need altering!

(back pocket detail)

I made the first pair of pirate jeans from the same fabric. Ottobre had a tutorial on giving the jeans a worn look; I decided to leave them be and see how actually wearing them (and washing... and wearing...) would affect the fabric. Here's the original pair and today's pants for comparison:

I think "life" ages them just fine!

I wish everyone who celebrates Easter a blessed holiday with their families, and everyone else a happy (sewing) weekend!


  1. Those are absolutely terrific jeans! I love the embellishments! Your son will be the envy of his friends. Nice sewing!

  2. Happy Easter! I'm the same way about making things. When my daughter shows up from college without anything to sleep in, I just make her a pair of sleep shorts. It would never even occur to me to buy something.

  3. So cute! I love all the little touches.



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