Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me-Made-May and Girl's Pants Ottobre 1/2008 no. 11

I mentioned in passing that I joined Me-Made-May, as created by the, well, creative Zoe. I loved following her adventures in homesewn garments during Me-Made-March, probably because I could relate to her - while she may have (had) more self-made garments than I did, she hadn't been one of those sewers, admirable as they are, who have sewn the bulk of their wardrobes for many years already. She challenged herself to wear only me-made clothing for a whole month, which meant wearing homemade garments that hadn't made it out of the closet (often), sewing hard to fill the holes in her self-made wardrobe, and combining creatively. She also managed to look gorgeous throughout the process, which may be a reason why so many sewers have signed up for Me-Made-May! (Don't we all want to be irresistible in, Oh, this old thing I made myself (twinkle in eye)?)

I couldn't realistically clothe myself in all-me-made garments for more than a weekend (full of parties preferably, given my weakness for sewing dresses). So I signed up for Me-Made-March-Lite, meaning to wear one home-sewn garment per day (someone mentioned pajamas; well, I'm not going there anytime soon!). Zoe clarified today that the point about Me-Made-March is for it to be a challenge, not to set up strict rules that apply to everyone. Excellent concept! As it is, the (original) idea of MMM-Lite of one garment per day is enough of challenge for me, so I'm sticking with it.

Actually, it is quite the challenge! As you know me, I've been planning and revising, but of course, since signing up for the challenge, I haven't sewn a single piece for myself. A pair of girl's dungarees/overalls, yes, but I'm not fitting into them, and aren't we glad for that...

- Interrupting the regularly scheduled sewing for this kiddie clothing message:

Pattern: "Iguana Dungarees no. 11 from Ottobre 1/2008"

Alterations: many.

Re-Alterations: countless.

Relief factor on being done: v. high! -

What I'm hoping to gain from Me-Made-May:

  • Fun! I'm not usually the playful type or one to run with the masses (unless in blogging, ha!), but this seems a wonderful way to enjoy our craft, dress creatively, and all in the company of fellow sewers who inspire!

  • Wearing my (already) made garments more often and, as follows, more creatively.

  • Making up some more garments under the pressure, erm, challenge, of MMM, and thus upping both my wardrobe size and sewing skills.

In true Zoe spirit, I'm hoping to make some progress on my blue SWALP before and during May, adding a few vaguely nautical pieces to my wardrobe. I always loved this style, and Zoe showed some great navy blue and striped styles. So this time around, instead of sewing nautical dresses for DD and pirate jeans for DS, I'm joining the navy myself!

If you haven't already, head on over to Zoe's blog and get inspired!


  1. The overalls are totally cute. You have an eye for making very unique children's clothing.

  2. Such adorable overalls!!! Love the little touches.

    It is the rare exception of a day on which I'm *not* wearing clothes I've made, so I guess I do me-made-always!

  3. Oh thank you so much! I'm blushing. I'm so so so pleased to be regarded as an inspiration for sewers, that is my main aim and motivation.

    I really love what you have said about the Me-Made-May challenge and totally think you have uncapsulated it's essence to a T. In fact, if you don't mind, I'd like to quote you (with link to your blog naturally) when I write the round up post on Friday just before MMM kicks off.

    And thanks for the award! I will certainly pass it on and make a special post about it, but will do so the other side of the weekend. As you perceptively noted, things are a little frantic on the run-up to MMM!

    All the best and happy sewing
    Zoe xxx

  4. Zoe, I'm answering your comment here and on your blog - not sure where you'll look for it! Of course you may (May!) quote me, I'm tickled, eh, honored! Looking forward to MMM. QUITE the challenge:) !! Happy sewing



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