Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak peek

Aaah... Girl's clothes. Soft, stable, easy-to-press cotton fabrics. Whimsical details. Manageable pattern pieces. What's not to love?

Maybe I ought to reconsider my sewing priorities. Sewing for myself, I (mostly) love the results. Sewing for the children, I enjoy the process. On the other hand, I'll keep wearing the "winners" for several years. The kids take them straight to the sandbox for a round of "dig and destroy". Priorities?

Anyway, so you don't get bored to tears, here's a preview of the dress details. I have to finish the zipper, neck- and armholes. Then I'll have to think about the (planned, not bought) red buttons some more. I don't want to be cynical and call myself the newest victim of the financial crisis, but the crisis took my buttons! The Arcandor group which owns the Karstadt department stores has declared bankruptcy. The stores aren't closed (yet), but when I went there for red buttons they were taking inventory, and the buttons were gone. So I'll have to wait or do without, and hope for Karstadt's survival, for the employees as well as all sewers depending on their fabric/notions department!


  1. I loved sewing for my kids when they were little. Now they are teenagers I'm never sure if they'll wear a garment more than once. Same deal really?

  2. I think family sewing has the best of both worlds. I like to alternate between children and adult projects, that way I can enjoy both the quick and easy (and short lasting!) and the full - on projects that I will enjoy for a long time.



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