Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank you! (and: sewing plans revisited)

The skirt may not have made me happy, but your sweet, encouraging comments sure have! I didn't think I was fishing for compliments or sympathy, but maybe I was, since it felt so good to read your nice comments. So, thank you!

On to new shores. The jacket and dress, if you hadn't already noticed, have taken a back seat. I trust that my blogging will hold me accountable so I'll return to it eventually!

Other things have come up that have commanded my time and interest. All those kids' clothes - and I don't think I'm finished with that for the summer -, and then as my diary filled up with more and more events this summer, I sat down and thought what I needed for that. I've been buying a lot less RTW these last months, and I'd like to keep that up if possible.

Coming up:

  • Our annual family reunion/garden party this month. I've been thinking of a summery blouse/tunic to wear with shorts. Possibly in this fabric. I walked circles around this, since it's a poly material I don't normally buy, but I love the print so much, I had to have it (and might get over my poly aversion).

  • An event that I don't even know how to translate. Translation software says "shooting match", but that doesn't hit (!) it all. It's a big celebration in a rural area that basically has the whole village in festivities, all that arranged around a shooting match. If anyone German reads this, Schützenfest. Click here, if you want pictures of such an event. I've never been to one of these before, but we've been invited by my father-in-law who won the annual shooting match 25 and 50 years ago, and now gets honored on his jubilees. I could certainly go in some decent outfit already in my closet (the long dresses you see in some of the pictures are only worn by guests of the current winner), but I think I'll use this as an excuse to sew a really summery

    dress out of this fabric.

  • My 20 year school reunion. Since closing my eyes and plugging my ears isn't going to make the 20 years go away, I may as well go. So I will need something understated (I don't think anyone is going to dress up for this) that nevertheless dazzles and makes everyone see how much better, if not younger, I look these days... I'm sure you understand!

  • Then, in early August, we're taking a vacation by the sea. If I'm not all sewn out by then, I might make myself a couple of tops and coverups. I'm not getting into swimsuit sewing, I think, not as long as H&Ms swimsuits still fit me.


  1. Both of those floral prints are lovely. Make some beautiful things and let us see.

  2. Love those fabrics! Look good enough to eat :-) The "shooting match" sounds interesting. I don't think we have anything like that--certainly not something that would call for a lovely dress :-)

  3. Pretty flowery fabric! I have an idea what the Schutzenfest is, and there's just no word for it in English (American English, anyway). A purely German pastime!

  4. I LOVE that large floral print for the Schutzenfest! Can't wait to see the dress.



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