Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sewing fine fabrics

I've chosen the pattern for this fabric.

I meant to choose something with little sleeves, a small collar, drawstring, maybe a peplum... Then my eye fell on Burda April/09 that I've already made the skirt and hat from.
The blouse on the title has other qualities, namely just four pattern pieces, which might work better with a busy print such as this. And, it could double as a coverup on vacation. And, its simplicity allowed me to trace and cut it in the short minutes I had free today.

But I'm a little nervous about starting to sew. The material's pretty, but very slippery - a crushed georgette I'd say, and to top it off: printed off-grain (either this has never happened to me before, or I haven't noticed). I cut it according to the print not the grain, hoping the crushed quality will be forgiving. I'm thinking of using french seams on the side seams, double hems on the bottom and cut-on sleeves, binding on the neckline, and hope I'll manage to sew a straight seam or two.
If you have any vital tips on sewing with thin, slippery fabrics, feel free to comment. Otherwise, please keep your fingers crossed!


  1. You chose a good pattern to use with this particular fabric. Good luck and think positive!

  2. That was definitely a good pattern choice for the fabric. French seams are great for fine fabrics. I think you'll do fine!

  3. OK, fingers crossed! It will be a very pretty top.



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