Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You may uncross your fingers now

Thank you for the support; sewing the top actually went quite well. (If you call cussing-and-foot-stomping-but-coming-out-as-intended well...) I only have the hemming left, and wanted to post a picture when it's finished, but then considered the uncomfortable position you might be in since... oh... a week ago? So sorry. You may stand, or sit, comfortably now!

I have also cut out another girls' dress, not the intended garment sewing order at all, but it seems I can't help myself. After picking DD up dirty as... well, dirt, at the kindergarten every day, I thought a denim dress might serve her (and my laundry) well. It's pattern no. 16 from Ottobre's winter 2007 issue. It's a winter dress, but I'll leave out the lining and hope it works out in the end. I'm thinking of a little nautical design with red buttons; to be honest I think I've been subconsciously inspired by Debbie's cute denim dress. We'll see if I can do it justice!


  1. You've been busy. I LOVE Debbie's denim dress. I want it.

  2. My girls lived in denim pinafore dresses at kindergarten. They seem indestructable.



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