Monday, May 31, 2010

Me-Made-May and Budding Fashionistas

1. Me-Made-May:
As you remember, I loved the idea of Me-Made-May (Lite) when I first saw it. Although I managed to follow through from beginning to end, wearing at least one me-made garment every day, I'm a bit sad I didn't have the time or energy this month to sew more new garments (still working on that first SWALP blouse) - build more diverse outfits - accessorize better. Then again, this isn't a fashion show but a sewing blog. Sew I did (if not much), and I wore my stuff, too. Success!
Here's the last six days in me-made:
Me-Made, top left to bottom right: skirt, shirt, shirt, shirt, jacket, skirt.
What I gained from MMM: I think I need to cull my me-made garments. If something didn't get worn this month despite the small selection and "having" to choose me-made 31 times, maybe it needs to go.

2. Budding Fashionistas

Our daughter is four years old, and very opinionated. She tells me often, and emphatically, which colors she likes (pink, violet, gold) and which she doesn't like (gray, black, brown, denim being "gray"). She needs more pants, and I decided to humor her and get some soft purple linen mix fabric. It would go well with a colorful poplin print from last year's fabric market.

(I had to put in a blue checked piece so the violet looked true to color.)

Today, I showed her the fabric. "Would you like some pants from this fabric?" - "No, I want a dress!" - "But you have about ten dresses. You need pants!" - "But I don't have a purple dress!!"
Flawless logic. Who needs pants when you don't have a purple dress yet.


  1. I've enjoyed watching your me-made-may. It's been fun seeing how people wear the things they may or may not have featured before when first sewn.

  2. Interesting conclusion... Yes, it's true, even though we made something it doesn't mean that we have to suffer through years of trying to wear it out :-). Especially since if we dislike it we're likely to keep it in pristine shape for decades, accumulating guilt and reproaches in the back of the closet.

    But as for RTW, it's well worth analyzing -why- we dislike something before we ditch it. Is it the color? The fit? The style that doesn't quite match our personality? The fabric that doesn't quite match the pattern? Just a couple insights here and there can mean that future projects will be more successful.

    You should be much more self-congratulatory though - even though you picked the lite version, you did go through the whole month with something you-made around the whole time. It's quite an accomplishment. And you even managed not to guilt-trip yourself, and to keep the sewing to an enjoyable level. That's really great..

  3. Oh watch her. My daughter was like this from the age of two. Now at 18 she is very 'into clothes'.

  4. I see lots of lovely pieces - it would be a shame not to wear them more often ;) But I know from myself that sometimes you just don't get "warm" with something - some detail you don't like, some fitting issue or wrong chosen fabric...I put these clothes out of my closet as fast as possible. As you say in German: "Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn"

  5. Congratulations on making it through the month! And I agree that you can't argue with your daughter's logic. A purple dress is a wardrobe hole that must be filled.



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