Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me-Made-May: Days 3 and 4

First of all, thank you for all the nice comments on my first MMM outfit! I realize I shouldn't leave the "lounging" outfit from Day 2 on top of the page for too long... So here's Days 3 and 4.

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, because the weather turned cold, I had to run DS to the hospital, I still hadn't finished my blouse... So I threw on a long-sleeved top (hardly visible in the picture, sorry) I loved once but not anymore - but hadn't thrown out yet, thankfully! (Unlike my only "proper" me-made pants that I'm crying over right now... They would have made MMM so much easier!)

Today it came to me: the weather turning cold means I can pull out wool stuff I hadn't even considered for MMM! In this case, the skirt that keeps me unbelievably toasty right now - really, nothing beats a lined wool skirt for warmth! Worn with my favorite "uniform" at the moment, a sweater over a woven shirt. Now if I only got my woven blouse finished! (Only buttonholes and buttons left.)

Me-made: Top and skirt.

What I gained from MMM yesterday and today:
Sewing the top took what? An evening? So, sew another one already! (Instead of always looking for the pattern with the most seams.)
Same with basic skirts: My MMM wardrobe could be twice its size if I could just get my head around sewing a simple, basic garment from time to time. I thought I should sew more basics regarding color and style. Well, I ought to sew more basic patterns as well.


  1. Basic patterns are not necessarily basic in looks - make them out of good fabric and they're absolutely the best.

    I read something this year that really turned my head around, about knitting what you want to wear rather than what you want to knit. I did it less with sewing than with knitting, but I think a lot of people are totally into that. Sure I'm proud of myself when I sew something complicated, but I'm really happiest wearing something simple. So that's what I should do.

    Also it may look like less skill is required to sew simple patterns, but actually the fabric has to be absolutely perfect for it, and your sewing has to be perfect as well, the least flaw really shows. Simplicity, in the Japanese sense of it, is not easy.

  2. Very nice. :-) I've had the same grumpiness about the cool weather this week.

  3. The lounging outfit was fine and these are great - love the colour of your skirt! Recently I do far more lounging around in comfy basics than I do hanging out in cool venues where I need to dress up. I need to be more self-sufficient with t-shirts, vests, leggings etc - the kind of things which usually have 'made in china / sri lanka / cambodia' on the label...

  4. I know what you mean about sewing basic items! I'd be in less of a jam trying to create outfits right now, if I pumped out a few basic skirts and tops... but that's not what I feel like making! I want to make the complicated dresses that I can't afford to buy in stores, that I really enjoy spending my time making, so that's what I do :)
    Love the rich teal colour of your skirt! It's on and off here too, one day cold, one day warm. One day I can wear a dress and sandals, the other I'm in a coat and long pants.. keeps it interesting at least!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so excited you are doing me-made-may too! Love the top!

  6. Those are both terrific outfits. I love the white pants!



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