Thursday, May 6, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 6

This must be the worst MMM picture ever. The camera just didn't want to photograph dark colors in natural light without a flash. Well, it was dark and rainy. Which also meant I could dig out another woolen garment, yay!

Me-made: Gray herringbone tweed jacket.

What I gained from MMM today: Relief that I made it through day 6. Apprehension about day 7.

See you!


  1. Cute jacket! Aw, it's not the worst photo ever, you can't help the weather.
    Am feeling your apprehension too! Good luck, time to start getting creative I suppose :)

  2. Nice jacket!
    And cheer up about day 7, I keep wearing the same pants...:-)

  3. Love the jacket! Yeah, I'm nervous, the weather's about to get cold over the weekend, and I have very little cold-weather wear. I need pants. Sigh.

  4. Pretty! You have a better attitude about this weather than me!



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