Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me-Made-May: Days 17-19

Tissue anyone? (In case I'm boring you to tears.)

I have a new favorite skirt! (As if you couldn't tell.) It's SO comfy, warm (wool stretch), allows for long strides, and combines well with just about everything else in my closet!

Me-made: Skirt, skirt and jacket.
What I gained from MMM today: I'm still reaping the benefits of finally finishing the skirt!

A couple of notes on the skirt I forgot last time: I drafted a lining. (The only skirt I like without a lining is a very casual warm-weather skirt.) I don't quite understand why Burda has you make this skirt without a lining. Maybe they didn't feel like adding two more pattern parts. I drafted the lining like this (highly unscientifically!): taped the upper skirt patterns together, and used this for the upper part of the lining (minus the facings) down to the hips. Below that I just drew on a basic A-shape. This worked just fine!

I also made my, cough, first machine-sewn blind hem. Not as delicate as a hand-sewn hem which I usually make, but perfectly acceptable.

I somehow feel I should show more diversity in my Me-Made-May outfits. But it is a fact of my life that I repeat my favorite outfits again and again. This made me think of a highly unlikely variation on Me-Made-May: Sewing a SWAP wardrobe and wearing (only) this for a month. Do you think it would be possible?

Have you ever sewn a SWAP? How often do you/did you wear those garments?


  1. I've sewn two SWAPS and the pieces are hit and miss as to whether a wear them. Some, I've worn out quickly, some languish in my closet, and some are already gone to the trash/donations. I do find that I don't really wear the pieces together much. They're just added to my overall closet and get worn with whatever is clean and matches on a particular morning.

  2. Ahaha, I thought I was boring people to tears too, with all my posts on Me-Made-May outfits.
    I have a Vogue designer pattern (bought recently) for a wool skirt, that doesn't call for lining either! I can't understand why they didn't bother, seems lazy to me.
    I'll have to Google-search SWAP and get back to you on that one...

  3. Sorry, I should have explained myself more clearly. Sewing With A Plan. Usually 11 garments that mix and match (6 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 topper). A concept thought up by a sewing magazine, and continued in SWAP (or wardrobe) contests, e.g. on Stitcher's Guild ( or Patternreview. Fascinating, though I haven't made one myself yet.

  4. Ah! That could be pretty fun to do, a month of just 11 garments. I am struggling to keep some variety in what I wear this month, I have to purposely pull out clothes I never wear.

  5. That skirt is great! I've only done a mini-swap and end up wearing all the tops with jeans and all the skirts with other shirts. Ah well. Best intentions.

  6. I've only done a SWAP for travel, and for that it's great. In my real life I definitely don't wear the same things over and over so it would be too limiting. But if you like having favorites it is a great concept.



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