Saturday, May 1, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 1

The week leading up to MMM (-Lite) was a bit disheartening. First, the flu (mine), then a broken leg (DS's). Needless to say, the last-minute sewing didn't get done, the laundry piled up, and I didn't have a chance to think up or prepare a smashing MMM starter outfit. I considered giving up, but then I pulled out a me-made tangerine top and threw some RTW on top. And why not? I could get a whole month of MMM-Lite out of this top! (I won't, I promise.)

Me-made: The top, sewn last summer without a pattern

What I gained from MMM today: Wearing this top, that I made last minute before last summer's vacation, but hardly ever wore. (Why?) Some badly needed cheer due to tangerine color shot.

Happy May sewing!


  1. Great outfit! The color of that top is awesome. I have some crazy orange sateen in stash, but it is about to make an appearance! I need a Tangerine cheer!

  2. your top is great with those dark blue jeans - I would steal both from you!

  3. Great outfit, good luck with your month long challenge!

  4. Great classic combination-I love that you made the top without a pattern! Wow-I'm impressed.

  5. Hi, I found your blog through Me-Made-May. I really like how you talk about "What I gained from MMM today." I might have to steal that for my blog too. :)

  6. Cute top! I didn't get any of my last-minute sewing done, either. Still plenty of days left in May though!



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