Friday, May 7, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 7

Thank you for following my lengthy and, as of today, repetitive Me-Made-May challenge, and for all your nice comments! Some random comment answers first:

New commentator Marie-Christine raised a couple of interesting issues. On my resolve to sew more basic patterns she remarked that it can be harder to sew a basic pattern because fit becomes more important, and the material takes center stage. On the fit issue I hope to get lucky because while my figure may not be totally average it is close enough that I get an acceptable fit quite easily. I'd love to hear opinions on this, though: Do you find basic patterns easier or harder to sew (including fit etc.)?

Marie-Christine also remarked on my blouse finishing techniques. Well, I may still be in jacket mode, and I agree that all that finishing (french seams throughout and fully bound armhole seams) might not be necessary. I don't, however, have a serger, and I'm not sure that pinked seams would withstand the washing machine over time. I usually zigzag my seam allowances, and in the interest of speed may return to this.

On the fitting issues, yes, I have measured several times over the last year and that strange bust-waist-discrepancy remains. I have two possible explanations: One, I may measure too "honestly", i.e. with a relaxed midsection. Maybe Burda counts on some "sucking it in" in their measurements tables? Also, I read somewhere that the amount of ease needed also relates to the "firmness" or "softness" of the body. Maybe I need less ease in the waist because I'm, um, not rock-hard there anymore?

As to the weather: I find that as long as I get outside and some exposure to daylight and external temperatures, I'm okay with almost any weather. Of course, loving my woolens helps! (Today, for anyone outside Germany, is a fine February day - again.) Here's proof, my seventh MMM outfit:

Me-made: Ottobre skirt, written up here.
What I gained from MMM today: The motivation to start another garment (knit top) for me! Usually, after a somewhat involved project for myself, I'd sew something for the kids, if only to jump right in and worry more about cuteness than accuracy. But I resolved to sew more for myself, so yay for (Me-Made) May!


  1. I do have fitting issues and a lot of them, but I still think that basic patterns are easier to fit.

    Because if you "understand" the principles of pattern construcion you know what to alter for what pattern type.

    On a very fashionable pattern you may have to take it apart (in your mind), reducing it to the basic shape, then alter it and then bring it back to the fashion for (adding nonfunctional seams, pockets,... etc.)

    Except, of course, if you think less basic patterns can do with a worse fit. Which I wouldn't think or like.

  2. I love the color of this skirt. I probably wouldn't think to pair it with a pink top, but it looks good together!

  3. Lookin good! Still love that skirt. :-)

  4. Mmm.. I think I mis-spoke a bit. I didn't mean that a simple design is -harder- to fit, I meant that it must be done better, to a higher standard, to look good. If you've got poofy draped sleeves in a wild print, few people will notice whether your shoulder seam is off. But a straightforward sleeve in a plain silk.. Does that make sense?

    I'm sorry if I sounded like I meant to dissuade you from sewing simple designs, that wasn't at all my intent (or my practice). Once you have a basic pattern worked out well, it's very efficient to do it over and over again, choosing nice fabrics to get the most bang.

    My mother would tell me that as long as you used different colors nobody would notice. She's right, I've even -told- people that something was the same pattern as something else they admired and had them obstinately deny it :-). Conversely, a friend of mine who only wears black (yes, French) says she's been horrified to find out that people assume she only has one pair of pants, even though she's careful to pick very different styles.

  5. Thank you for the clarification, Marie-Christine! I love the idea of having staple patterns to make again and again - working on it. (And I've wished for a wild print to hide my mistakes many times!)



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