Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me-Made-May and Randomness

Here's Days 10, 11 and 12:

(Me-Made: blouse, top and top)

You can see the difference the light makes to my pictures. It's been terribly dark lately (cold as well). The cold is my friend as it allowed me to wear this woollen dress today:

The children insisted on being in the picture, which made it impossible to hold the camera still. I'll make up for it with better pictures. Someday. (You can also see why I usually cut off my feet in the pictures. I take most pictures in the bedroom. No street shoes allowed in there.)

What I gained from MMM today: I'm in a bit of a rut (isn't anyone who tries to get dressed in less than 5 minutes in the morning?), part of which is that dresses are usually reserved for special occasions or high summer. Why? The dress was perfect (and cozy) for today.

I spent today trying to get a non-sewing friend into crafting with me. She had to cut out fabric, and I sewed. Although I wish it had been my next blouse or pants we'd been working on (both traced off, ready to cut), we made doll carriers for our children. I forgot to take a pic when she and her daughter took off with the one we managed to finish. I'm beat after an afternoon of talking (and explaining my self-drafted pattern to a non-sewer!) and sewing with nothing to show for it (here)!

If you are at all interested in beautiful, classic blouses and pants, and perfect workmanship, take a good long look at Karen's SWAP for her daughter. Great sewing inspiration! (I also chose one of "her" patterns for my next blouse.)

Happy sewing and May-ing!


  1. How adorable that the kids wanted to be in your photo! Love the dotted top with the red cardigan, too.
    And isn't it fun getting non-sewing friends excited about sewing? I have a girlfriend that I'm teaching to sew and it's a blast (although yes, I sometimes wish I was working on my own projects too!)

  2. Nice outfits.

    Thank you for the visit and words of condolence.

    Tomorrow's post will be a recap of my favorite outfits I've made.



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