Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me-Made-May and Cap "Coconut" Ottobre 3/2010/39

MMM Days 20-25:

The first four days. I realize I'm missing day here, but I wore my lounging pants and didn't feel like taking a picture (lazy day).

Me-Made: Tangerine top, gray skirt, red and white dress.

Today and yesterday (my picture software didn't want to change the pictures).

Me-Made: Today's outfit is all me-made, a first this May! (Top and skirt.) The skirt is my official pentecost fair skirt; I finished it just before going to the fair last year, and wore it again this year.

What I gained from MMM these days: Stamina?! Halfway through I didn't think I'd make it through May. Now reaching for me-made has almost become second nature!

The cap:

I made the cap as a last-minute birthday present for a two year old boy. (Actually, I made the cap because we had a lot of social activities going on last week, and I really needed a creative time-out. Shhh. Don't tell!)

It went together fast and easy, and looks really cute on. DD said, "Oh, it's a riding cap!", and it does have that shape. For materials, I recycled DS's pants that were cut off his leg after he'd broken it. Brand-new jeans (RTW, grandma bought them), what a shame! Now they found a good home.

I lined the hat with the quilting fabric you see on the car appliqué. The other appliquè was what happened after a mistake, umm, design challenge.

Summer has arrived here, which has been nice but not so good for sewing. I know. I shouldn't complain.

That's it! Happy sewing!


  1. That cap is too adorable! I love the polka dot top.

  2. "Now reaching for me-made has almost become second nature!"
    :-). You'll see, it's totally addictive. When I wear bought clothes, I feel almost itchy..

  3. So nice that you could repurpose the jeans. I hope your son heals quickly!

  4. Ah, das ist der viel getragene braune Leinenrock, den du erwähnt hast? Sieht gut aus, besonders mit dem selbstgemachten grünweißen Top. Den Rock könnte ich mir auch nochmal nähen, vielleicht aus Jeans? Schlichte Kombiteile fehlen mir irgendwie auch.

  5. Danke für die Blumen, aber das grünweiße Top ist nicht selbstgenäht (trotzdem viel getragen!). Das Rockschnittmuster gefällt mir nach wie vor gut, auch als Jeansrock, selbst wenn ich mit meiner Verarbeitung nicht ganz zufrieden war. Und am Ende sind es die Basics, die getragen werden, oder?

  6. I love that reaching for Me-Made has become second nature, I'm starting to agree! I feel like I should do a big closet-purge once the month is over and only keep the Me-Mades and items I absolutely love. Love your red and white dress, it's really pretty!

  7. You are looking awesome! So well put together. It's great to hear that your automatically heading for your handmades! They look so well made.



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